In our country, education and training in the area for many years providing services and who provide Oğuzhan Özkaya Education Institutions of science and technology in the light of our country around the project, generating change and open to development, questioning, research on the basic principle that young people and their teachers, bringing together scientific knowledge sharing and social our aim was to develop responsibility. For this purpose, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering-energy, mathematics-computer research projects in the fields to showcase their beautiful pearl of the Aegean brought them together in Izmir.

"All hope is the Youth, the future youth is" the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's policy reforms in the light of education and training that Oğuzhan Özkaya Education Institutions such an organization; youngsters to race but young minds to think, to observe, to wonder, wonder what research to motivate, secondary school students' scientific to teach the principles and methodology of research, in the scientific sense to reward talented young people exploring early development in this direction and to motivate, to spread awareness of social responsibility was prepared starting from the principle.

Cruelly consumed by our predecessors, ignoring the danger of global warming, you move away from the peaceful approach, which is still continue to consume our planet and the future generations to remain in a viable way, it is the duty of all of us. Let's not forget, resulting in production and consumption as a result of scientific research negativity reaches our young people with the information they resolved. In this respect, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering-energy, mathematics-computer created with innovative approaches in the field of engineering projects is very important and meaningful. Because the people who will influence the future of innovation will not be followed.

Knowledge is power. Being aware of this, in developed societies because of their contributions to science boast. Because with the information they have and what they do with scientific and technological research provide political and economical superiority against other nations. Nowadays, the development level of the country is determined by the place in science and technology. In our age of science and technology which is intertwined with science to produce scientific thinking and the scientific method as a way of life depends on the grip.

Scientific method, and then install the assumptions on observations of these assumptions are based on experimental test of the road. Experimentally unverifiable assumptions that cannot be refuted or "scientific assumptions" do not fall within the scope of science cannot be. The scientific method and scientific thinking can be learned, but converted into a lifestyle. Living with nested elements that makes it so interesting nano-technology to control atoms and molecules based on the principle, macro world of nano-sized materials that they behave differently than.

Dear teachers, dear young people! Adopting scientific thinking, scientific culture has absorbed as the Turkish people to our country and the world are opening new horizons. For your creative thinking and scientific congratulate you for your understanding of the project, hoping to shed light on the development of science and technology, I wish you all the success.