Oğuzhan Özkaya Educational Institutions, which started education in 2005, have successfully educated students of all ages from kindergarten to university. Also, it aims to raise scientists with two science high schools. For this reason, it is of great importance for us to carry out the OKSEF project competition as an institution that is aware of the contributions of science and scientists to the development of an individual.

With our project team at Oğuzhan Özkaya Educational Institutions, we support the social and scientific projects of our students together and enable young students to meet with science and learn by living. We will happy to host young people from all over the world as Oğuzhan Özkaya Educational Institution in OKSEF project competition in beautiful İzmir who are interseted in technology and constantly adopting self-development as a life goal.

We invite our young people to present their projects on this science platform and to make social and cultural exchanges with their peers from all over the world.

The inventive young minds that investigate and question the assurance of our better tomorrows. We will always be the biggest supporter of our young people for peaceful, livable world.

Oğuzhan ÖZKAYA